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CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Features and Functionality

Deliver faster operator response and enhance decision making

Engineer using GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Decrease response time and errors

After 30+ years of development, CIMPLICITY has the richest set of HMI/SCADA capabilities to improve your operations. Deliver faster operator response and enhance decision making with CIMPLICITY’s capabilities such as:


  • Extensibility and analytics: Python scripting support enables analytics through SCADA data & Python libraries
  • Enterprise setup: Reduce infrastructure and IT costs with hybrid Azure/AWS cloud support
  • HTML5 HMI/visualization: Integrate your existing HMI screens with Proficy Operations Hub dashboards
  • Connectivity: OPC UA client and server support and the ability to browse and create your points from OPC UA servers
  • Model: Classes/Objects for reduced build and maintenance time
  • Improved alarm filtering and commenting capabilities


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