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CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Resources for Our Customers

Get the most value from your GE Digital CIMPLICITY software

Engineer using GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

We are committed to our customers' success

At GE Digital, we believe that operators should be able to quickly recognize which information requires their attention and what actions can help improve performance. 


Let us help you and your teams gain knowledge that can improve your facilities' performance.  From training courses, to support and communities, we want to make sure you realize the extraordinary benefits from your CIMPLICITY software.

Upgrade your CIMPLICITY for less

Take advantage of significant discounts to level-up your software and even move from Standard to Pro for free.

Software is critical to manufacturing optimization | GE Digital | MES


From CIMPLICITY fundamentals to courses in troubleshooting and database management, we have classes for all levels. Explore our full course catalog or view individual CIMPLICITY training classes.


GE Digital Training

Explore our full course catalog of training, certifications and accreditations available for all GE Digital software applications.


CIMPLICITY Fundamentals

The CIMPLICITY Fundamentals course is designed to provide a good working knowledge of CIMPLICITY.


Getting Smart on CIMPLICITY

This course covers all the major features of CIMPLICITY for anyone who will be developing, configuring and using applications on a CIMPLICITY system.


How to Create and View Alarms

Learn how to work with alarms in CIMPLICITY including collecting and displaying active alarm details for cross-application viewing and faster response…

Additional CIMPLICITY resources

GE CIMPLICITY Support Services

Maximize the potential value of your IIoT investments and accelerate ROI.


GE Digital's Acceleration Plans address critical product support, end-user training and education, data health, and overall organizational adoption needs.


Explore Support Services

Enhance the performance of CIMPLICITY

Engineers working with GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Other CIMPLICITY options to further improve operator efficiency

  • Proficy Operations Hub: Modern, centralized environment for rapidly building industrial applications for Web-based intelligence
  • Tracker: Automate routing and sequencing to accelerate time to market, reduce warranty and recall exposure, and support Lean operations and building right the first time 
  • SPC: Statistical process control charts and reports
  • HMI for CNC: Integration with CNC controllers
  • Recipes: Device-independent recipe management
  • Building Management / Energy Management
  • Dream Report: Powerful reporting and dashboards to help improve performance and meeting operational goals
  • Proficy Batch Execution: Consistent manufacturing control without complex programming
  • HMI/SCADA with iPower: Electric utility SCADA made easy
  • WIN-911 / SmartSights: Improving operator efficiency with real-time alarm notifications
  • Industrial Gateway Server: Enable reliable connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualization
  • MTConnect-OPC UA Driver: Continuously collect real-time data from machine tool equipment for analysis and optimization

Let GE Digital help you accelerate your industrial automation

Software is at the heart of modern manufacturing operations, digital plants and supply chains. It is enabling new benchmarks for throughput, quality, yield and waste. 


GE Digital's CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA is part of our Proficy family of automation solutions.  We help manufacturers and industrials better operate, analyze and optimize their operations. Let's explore options to integrate with CIMPLICITY, continuing your digital transformation journey. 

Additional CIMPLICITY resources