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What are Premium M&S Services?

Premium M&S Services are part of the GE Digital M&S portfolio, backed by GE Digital’s experience and deep domain expertise. With Premium M&S Services, your enterprise can drive business objectives, with a dedicated partnership allowing you to focus on your business needs.

Dedicated to your success

Extend your technical teams with our deep domain knowledge

Let us provide comprehensive, unbiased analysis of your operations

Relax knowing your industrial assets are under 24/7 remote monitoring

Transmission lines | Software for power utilities | GE Digital

Helping you deliver reliable services for your users

Partner with GE Digital.

Services to Utilities and Telecom

Education Services

Train your technical teams to maximize your investment in our Digital Energy products. Take individual courses or invest in a package of e-learning & webinars.

Services to Utilities and Telecom

Managed Services

Explore a wide range of technical IT services for customers and potential customers of digital energy products.

Services to Utilities and Telecom

System Performance Optimization Service

Let us analyze your Smallworld database component performance to determine the optimum parameters and architecture for your system.

Services to Utilities and Telecom

Consulting Services Package

Experience the in-depth expertise of GE subject matter experts as they help you optimize your Geospatial (GIS) solution.