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Best of Minds + Machines Europe Recap Webinar

Minds + Machines 2017 Europe

Dive Deeper Into Digital Industrial Transformation

Join Jonny Williamson, editor of The Manufacturer and Deborah Sherry, General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital Europe, as they recap the highlights of Minds + Machines Europe.


Digital Transformation of Industry

Now is the time for transformation. In 10 years, 25% of Europe's economy will be digital industrial. Today, 73% of industry is planning for this digital future.
Minds + Machines EU, Welcome Video
Stephan Reimelt, GE | Minds + Machines Europe 2017, is GE’s premier Industrial Internet event dedicated to software, innovation, and the most powerful digital industrial outcomes.
Minds + Machines EU, Welcome Video 00:05:03
Minds + Machines EU The Emergent Era Video 00:15:00
Minds + Machines EU, The GE Perspective Video 00:14:10
Minds + Machines EU, Digital Transformation Playbook 00:08:00
Minds + Machines EU, Apps You Need for Digital Transformation Video 00:16:44
Minds + Machines EU, How Does a Digital Twin Work? 00:06:30
Minds + Machines EU, Predix Studio Video 00:02:14
MInds + Machines EU, Predix Studio Demo 00:05:42
Minds + Machines EU, Electricity Reimagined 00:18:29
Minds + Machines EU Electricity Reimagined with GasNatural Fenosa 00:12:08

Digital Transformation in Action

See real case studies from Europe's digital industrial leaders, already using Predix to boost productivity and innovate new business models.
Minds + Machines EU, Accelerating the Additive Solution
GE Digital | At GE, additive is not a prototyping tool; it’s our design and manufacturing philosophy.
Minds + Machines EU, Accelerating the Additive Solution 00:02:39
Minds + Machines EU, Bringing the Digital Playbook to Europe Video 00:16:00
Minds + Machines EU, Digital Evolution of Field Service 00:10:18
Minds + Machines EU, Rethinking Rail in the Digital Age 00:11:00
Minds + Machines EU, Delivering the Next Generation 00:11:40
Minds + Machines EU, Day 1 Wrapup 00:01:25
Minds + Machines Europe 2017: June 13 Keynotes Video 02:46:40

Beyond 4.0

Full transformation means thinking beyond Industry 4.0 and traditional organizational approaches. The experts tell you why.
MInds + Machines EU, Beyond Industry 4.0
Deborah Sherry, GE Digital | Explore how the Industrial Internet Is taking us beyond Industry 4.0
MInds + Machines EU, Beyond Industry 4.0 00:35:00
Minds + Machines EU, Leverage the Power of the Industrial Internet 00:11:27
Minds + Machines EU, How to Weave the Digital Thread 00:07:00
Minds + Machines EU, The Digitization of the Automotive Value Chain 00:25:00
Minds + Machines EU, Global Expansion through Partner Ecosystem 00:10:19
Minds + Machines EU, Closing Remarks 00:07:00
Minds + Machines Europe 2017: June 14 Keynotes Video 01:00:06

Predix Hackthon: Developers Rule

Highlights of Minds + Machines Europe

Minds + Machines 2016

  1. Accelerating Digital Transformation
    Accelerating Digital Transformation
    The Industrial Internet is driving new levels of productivity, efficiency, and asset availability. Minds + Machines 2016 focused on exploring how to transform industrial operations. Start your digital industrial transformation here.