Map Your Digital Industrial Transformation for Fullstream Oil & Gas

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for Oil & Gas?

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    Connect and Visualize Operations

    Capturing data and analytics—from the reservoir to the refinery—by leveraging Predix, the platform for the Industrial Internet, can improve productivity, operations, and profits, through an integrated, enterprise-wide view.

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    Reduce Operational Complexity

    Optimizing increasingly complex oil and gas operations is more crucial than ever. Connecting real-time and long-term planning data with expertise, predicative analytics, and machine learning can drive better, data-driven decision making and profitability.

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    Improve Resource Utilization

    Leveraging integrated data and self-learning models across your enterprise, can increase capital efficiency and profitability, decrease marginal costs, and better allocate valuable resources.

The Framework for Digital Transformation




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Optimize Operations

IntelliStream is an enterprise software suite, built on GE Predix and GE Digital APM, that delivers a step change in upstream productivity across reservoir, wells, network, facilities and people. This product delivers enhanced productivity, reduces operational complexity and helps manage resources, including people and assets.

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Digitize Assets

Machine data, digital twins, and advanced analytics provide the ability to predict potential asset failures before they happen. This technology, combined with prescriptive rules, streamline maintenance activities and can lead to optimized spare parts inventory levels.

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Adjust to Environments

Monitor operational risks associated with physical, geophysical, and regulatory environments to ensure that unplanned events are managed with limited to no impact on people, processes, and assets—anytime, anywhere.

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New Business Models

Improve everything from short-term trading decisions to long-term commitments for rights purchasing and field development, by extracting value from the available data and identifying new opportunities for revenue.

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Oil & Gas Customers on Their Digital Journey

  • OIl & Gas industry uses software to visualize performance data

    Petropriar using operator rounds to improve asset performance and avoid unplanned outages.

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  • A major Oil & Gas company avoids  unplanned maintenance and downtime with APM.

    A major Oil & Gas company avoids $20 million in unplanned maintenance and downtime with APM.

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  • Marathon Petroleum Corp. develops collaborative asset strategy to optimize operations.

    Marathon Petroleum Corp. develops collaborative asset strategy to optimize operations.

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