Security for Critical Infrastructure

Cyber threats are on the rise. As industry becomes more connected, risks go up. In the face of this reality, having a strategy that’s fully informed by ICS cyber security experts and tuned to the specific risks you face, is well worth the effort. GE can help you take the right actions to increase resilience, help ensure safety, and maintain availability across your OT environment.

Offering Overview

As the threat landscape increases, a smart cyber defense strategy for ICS, SCADA, process control, and other OT networks is in order. This strategy employees people, process and technology to ensure that industrial

cyber controls are in place to protect critical assets. We provide services and products that help customers design, test, certify, and secure their internet-connected devices, networks, and control systems.

Suite Features

  1. Security for the Industrial Internet

    Security for the Industrial Internet

    GE/Wurldtech specializes in helping ensure your ICS/SCADA and other OT environments are resilient to cyber disruption. We can help you test, certify, and secure your connected devices, applications, and processes.
  2. Understand and Take Action to Reduce Risk

    Understand and Take Action to Reduce Risk

    Risk for digital industrial companies has many facets. Understanding your security posture requires close examination across the people, process and technology that comprise your environment. Wurldtech consulting services can help.
  3. Test, Validate and Certify ICS Devices

    Test, Validate and Certify ICS Devices

    Vigorously test, validate and certify industrial devices with the industry leading Achilles Certification program, used by 90% of top equipment manufacturers.
  4. Gain Visibility and Control of ICS Traffic

    Gain Visibility and Control of ICS Traffic

    Protect industrial processes and control strategy with minimal disruption. OpShield is designed specifically for deep protocol inspection and ICS vulnerability protection.


    What does it take to deliver resilience and cyber defense?

    It requires an industrial mindset—operational efficiency, process integrity, and zero downtime tolerance. It requires OT cybersecurity expertise. And it requires technology built specifically for ICS/SCADA and other process control environments.