Buying a car is not usually a quick process. Car buyers are looking for something specific: coupe, wagon, SUV or mini van; two door, four door; manual, automatic transmission; diesel, turbo; red, white, black or something else.

Once a customer knows what they want and need, they have to narrow down to the vendors that best meet those needs. Some may choose to buy from a new car from a dealer; and others may buy used from a dealership or private party.

Interestingly enough, when identifying top features for buying a new car, safety doesn’t crack the top five, according to J.D. Power.

Does product protection and security rank in the top five, or even 10, on a system operator short-list for Industrial Control System (ICS) equipment? Unfortunately, there isn’t a J.D. Power for ICS equipment to tell us. But as we say at Wurldtech, cars have an accelerator and they also have brakes. When you are driving, the brakes are there for smooth and safe transportation, as well as for those sudden moments when there is a threat to your safety.

Similarly, a security platform exists to ensure operations run smoothly, and to protect you from unplanned downtime due to security breach. The fact is, security breaches are increasing. According to the 2015 Verizon Data breach Investigations Report, in 2014 there were over 79,000 security incidents throughout 61 countries. And ICS-CERT announced in January 2016 that cyber attacks in 2015 on U.S. critical infrastructure rose 20% year over year. 

What can you do?

As you evaluate different devices and feature sets from many vendors be sure you factor in security of the device as well as ensure that the process used to building the device are also secure.


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