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Unplanned downtime continues to plague the oil and gas industry. The offshore sector, in particular, has been saddled with unnecessarily high costs and exposed to unnecessary risks as a result. And the problem is only going to get worse as budget cuts, aging assets, and the loss of industry experience (“the great crew change”) take their toll.

A recent study by Kimberlite, a market research and analytics firm serving the oil and gas industry, quantified the impacts and pointed the way towards a solution. 

The study revealed that:

  • Offshore oil and gas operators experience on average $49 million annually in financial impacts due to unplanned downtime. For the worst performers, the negative financial impact can be upwards of $88 million.
  • Fewer than 24% of operators describe their maintenance approach as a predictive one based on data and analytics. Over three-quarters either take a reactive or time-based approach.
  • Operators using a predictive, data-driven approach to maintenance experience 36% less unplanned downtime than those with a reactive approach. This resulted in, on average, $17 million dropping to the bottom line annually.
  • The Kimberlite study clearly shows that updating maintenance practices to become more predictive — driven by digital technologies and data — can enable offshore production facilities to reduce their unplanned downtime. The technology used to achieve these results is referred to as asset performance management (APM) and includes:
  • Efficient and effective collection, management and visualization of data related to equipment condition and performance.
  • Utilizing existing industry knowledge and applying advanced analytics to become more predictive.
  • Implementing optimization tools to create and maintain a financially-optimized maintenance strategy.

In a world of low oil prices operational excellence is a requirement for success and reducing unplanned downtime is a cornerstone of operational excellence. Given the correlation between the two, executives responsible for offshore operations should work with their technology teams to create a digital strategy with a focus on APM.  

To learn more, download the full study here.

Using Digitization to Reduce Costs in O&G

Oil & Gas Refinery, GE Digital

The Impact of Digital on Unplanned Downtime

Through a digital approach, oil and gas companies have a significant opportunity to cut costs by reducing unplanned downtime and optimizing asset maintenance. Digitization enables a proactive maintenance approach based on data, analytics, and software. Read the GE Oil & Gas white paper.


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