A Search Engine For The Internet Of Things Source: Fast CompanyShodan, a little-known search engine, is the go-to site to find out about nuclear power plant control centers, gas stations, and highway signs connected to the internet. A little-known search engine which indexes information on computers attached to the internet is increasingly leaving itself open to be used by hackers as fears about cyber attacks an American i nfrastructure and banking systems heighten. Shodan , which CNNMoney's David Goldman calls the “ scariest search engine on the internet ,” sorts background data on every computer attached to the internet-including industrial control systems and computers embedded in household objects such as televisions and garage doors. The security researcher-oriented site sits at the nexus of the much vaunted “internet of things” and of the start-stop world of public utilities, power plants, and factories whose servers are connected to the internet. Shodan, which is named after a fictional artifical intelligence in the videogame System Shock , is the brainchild of programmer John Matherly, who first created the site more than 10 years ago as a teenager. Matherly's creation collects information on more than 500 million connected devices and services each month; site users have found information for nuclear power plant command-and-control systems, control systems for a water park, and servers that control gas stations publicly available on Shodan. The site, which is designed for...Permalink to this article →

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