Google’s Plan To Fight Human Trafficking With Big Data Source: Fast CompanyA collection of tech and data companies are working together to track, map, and fight the criminal underworld that ships people around the world. Google announced this week that it’s giving a $3 million Global Impact Award (part of a series grants given to nonprofits changing the world with technology) to help three anti-trafficking organizations--Polaris Project, Liberty Asia, and La Strada International--create a Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network. While these organizations operate effective trafficking hotlines across the world, they don’t share their information. That’s the kind of big data problem that Google can help with. Nine months ago, Google Ideas convened a summit on exposing, mapping, and disrupting illicit networks --the kind that organize human trafficking. This is a big problem that’s often hidden from public discourse; last year, over 20 million people were trafficked across the globe, generating over $32 billion in profits.

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