It’s exciting to be part of such a revolution as the one we are experiencing with the Industrial Internet today. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not a futuristic dream that will unfold in the years to come; it’s happening right now, and it’s happening very fast. We are seeing major digital transformations reshaping industries that have not experienced this kind of disruption in decades.

Putting things in perspective – over the next five years, the energy industry will see more disruption than it has seen in the previous 125 years.

At the heart of IIoT is the ability to manage and optimize big-iron through asset performance management (APM).  Not unlike your ability to increasingly monitor every aspect of your health electronically; APM empowers organizations to see the health and performance of individual machines, larger groups of machines, a factory or even a group of facilities. This isn’t just for factories and wind turbines anymore. The acceleration and adaptability of technologies like digital twin, robotics, artificial intelligence, and industrial internet controls systems, are driving this phenomenon across every industry including Marine.

 We recently announced a partnership with Noble Corporation plc to collaborate and deploy GE’s marine APM, powered by Predix. It is an optimization tool that uses data analytics to drive operational efficiencies, enable predictive maintenance, and reduce significant operational costs. The tool is initially being deployed on four of Noble’s rigs and will target up to a 20% reduction in operational expenses. Imagine the impact when it applies to an entire fleet of rigs, especially in an era of depressed oil and gas prices. Is your company ready to join us on this journey?

GE and Noble Corporation Partner on Digital Rig Solution

GE Oil & Gas

Video News Release

GE and Noble Corporation to partner on the Digital Rig Solution, aiming to deliver significant operational productivity gains across the fleet.


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Steven Martin serves as Vice President and Chief Digital Officer for GE’s Energy Connections business. Steven is responsible for leading and advancing the business’s transversal digital industrial strategy, which includes the activation of product, service and solution roadmaps, and designing new customer experiences and business models.

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