The following is an excerpt from the new white paper Seizing Competitive Edge with the Industrial Internet


The promised savings and new opportunities embodied in the Industrial Internet may seem to many companies more aspirational than achievable. The theory behind using sensor data, predictive analytics, new user experiences, and the cloud to dramatically change operations and costs across a wide range of industrial companies is indisputable. But the question of how companies can move towards  realizing these gains without massive disruptions and investment has injected a dose of harsh reality into many companies’ plans.

These concerns are beginning to be answered, and recent developments in the technology and functionality of the Industrial Internet, led by GE and its partners, are pointing toward an incremental, cost-effective way to achieve these goals. Powered by Predix, GE’s cloud platform for the Industrial Internet, new solutions are helping industrial companies realize genuine savings and operationalize new opportunities. This isn’t theoretical – it’s a reality.

Over the last few years, GE has been able to show how manufacturing companies can reap significant savings in the energy footprint of key industrial assets – from individual compressors, turbines, and milling machines to entire factories and wind farm. In a factory setting, these savings extend to all consumables – electrical power and gases used in the plant for specific processes – as well as to heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. In wind farms or in airline fleets, valuable assets such as massive power turbines and aircraft engines can be monitored and managed not only to lower their maintenance costs, but also to allow the utilities and airline companies that use these assets to provide better levels of service to their customers.

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