Is your organization doing a decent job gathering data?

You might be. Certainly, you have data, lots of data.  But, even with all that data, gaps exist at most sites.

These gaps matter. The digital thread involves capturing data across systems, through lifecycles, and recording for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) analytics, then back for closed-loop optimization. It’s a seamless digital connection.

With gaps in data, how can you embark on a digital industrial journey?

Start with connecting your industrial assets and operations, and auditing your current environment. Knowing where you stand with data collection will help guide you in overcoming gaps. In most cases, you will not be building a connected organization from a greenfield project. Instead, you will be creating a more complete digital thread across legacy systems and outdated pieces of equipment. These equipment assets are typically standalone, with limited connection capabilities.

Fortunately, you can overcome disparate equipment connectivity and interoperability challenges. Many sites have some software, whether it is embedded in a machine and was developed by the OEM, or developed as part of an HMI/SCADA project. As a best practice, rely on experts to connect your systems and establish a strong HMI/SCADA layer as a foundation for IIoT.

In addition to pinpointing old and/or isolated equipment, you need to identify data gaps that occur for other reasons too. Manual operations are still prevalent and often not tracked. You need to connect people performing manual processes, using software such as Workflow for managing and tracking manual operations in conjunction with your HMI/SCADA.

Also fairly common, information exists but is consumed in an isolated way in the organization. A typical example is regulatory compliance data, only used to generate compliance reports. These reports represent a gold mine of information and can be utilized in the continuous improvement process–thus, the need to access all the data to deliver accurate dashboards and KPIs, both to operations and the business.

To learn more about how to create a solid foundation for IIoT, attend our May 23rd webinar, “Close the Gap: Tips for Using HMI/SCADA as Your ‘On Ramp’ to the Digital Thread.

Build that foundation today and get connected, enabling outcomes possible now with the digital thread and IIoT.

Digital Industrial Transformation Webinar

Overcome Common Obstacles in Connectivity and Interoperability

Are you ready to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)? Do you think that you are doing a decent job at gathering data?

You might be, but gaps exist at most sites. The digital thread involves capturing data across systems, through lifecycles, and then leveraging with analytics. It’s a seamless digital connection. Learn about enabling the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things using HMI/SCADA.


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