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Integrated phasor solutions for advanced energy management of power systems

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Transforming phasor data into actionable information

PhasorPoint Grid Monitoring | Screenshots | GE Digital Energy | TransmissionPhasorPoint Grid Monitoring | Screenshots | GE Digital Energy | Transmission

Reduce costs while maintaining system stability

Power utilities face a range of challenges in maintaining the stable operation of their power systems as the energy landscape changes.


GE’s PhasorPoint WAMS enables more effective use of the power system by providing enhanced visualization and early warning of system issues. By delivering greater insight into power system dynamics, PhasorPoint can reduce operating costs through more effective use of power system capacity and ancillary services, while maintaining the high levels of system stability and security required by modern power systems.

Delivering greater insight into power system dynamics

Early warning of dynamics problems

Accelerated grid resynchronization

Mitigate risk of disturbances

Increased visibility of system events

Measurement-based applications to manage dynamic power

PhasorPoint Grid Monitoring | Screenshots | GE Digital Energy | Transmission

GE’s advanced suite of power system performance and dynamics applications provides system operators with the capability to not just respond, but excel, in an increasingly volatile environment


PhasorPoint standard applications provide a fundamental sets of WAMS applications and visualization tools while advanced applications provide foremost analytic and visualization solution for monitoring the dynamics of the power system.

Benefits GE's PhasorPoint solution brings

Scalable and flexible

Grow to the largest foreseeable system and add new applications when required

Industry leading applications

Wide range of standard and advanced applications available, complementing SCADA measurements

Increased Visibility

Coordinate with EMS to provide unified view of power system state, enhancing all aspects of power system management

Manage system issues

Leverage both real-time and historical data for managing risks and dynamic threats, while not overstraining the grid

Proven Product

With over 20 years of successful deployments and operations, we are focused on real problems, driven by customer requirements

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