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Engineering analysis package for post-operation and planning

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Detecting grid vulnerability and extracting valuable insight

PhasorAnalytics Grid Analytics | GE Digital Energy | Transmission | Screenshots

Off-line analysis and forensics

The introduction of Phasor Measurement Units (PMU’s) have provided a wealth of new, real-time, data that can help both the operators and their team of control room operation, planning, protection and support engineers.


GE’s PhasorAnalytics, provides an advanced diagnostic and data mining framework for utilizing historical synchrophasor measurement data from PMU’s, alongside other data sources such as SCADA/EMS, within an interactive unified user interface, allowing engineers to perform off-line analysis and forensics. This results in quicker post-event analysis, improved dynamic models, and established baseline knowledge of the dynamic performance characteristics.

Simple, straightforward and productive engineering investigation

Post-event analysis and reporting

More efficient PSS tuning

Calibrated dynamic models

NERC compliance monitoring

Improved calibration of CT/PTs

Quantified dynamic performance of the grid

Offline engineering package for planning and post-operation

PhasorAnalytics Grid Analytics | GE Digital Energy | Transmission | Screenshots

Benefits GE's PhasorAnalytics Brings:

  • Address Reliability Concerns: Utilize PhasorAnalytics to Identify and assess potential events, and understand underlying root causes
  • Unified Platform: Standardize data from multiple sources, including PMU, simulation results, and SCADA/EMS into a single visualization and analysis context
  • Advanced Analytics: Various types of rich analytics are integrated into PhasorAnalytics, with advanced parameters for fine-tuning the analysis available
  • Fast Post-mortem Analysis: Identify the sequence, associated root causes, as well as assessing the power system's performance and response following events
  • Statistical Baselining of Power System Behavior: Assess 'normal' dynamic behavior of the grid, e.g, before/after generator commissioning, as well as fine tuning similar OSM capabilities in the control room environment
  • Improved Reporting: Ability to develop custom analytics and generate on-demand reports

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