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Wide Area Management System and Control (WAMS - WAMC)

Effective system management through enhanced situational awareness

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Wide Area Management Systemand Control (WAMS - WAMC) | GE

Real-time synchrophasor based measurement and monitoring

Wide Area Management System (WAMS)

Managing power system stability and responding to system disturbances

Power systems are experiencing fundamental change in the way they are managed, driven by the changing energy landscape and growing demand for electricity. Increasing volumes of renewables coupled with reducing inertia and more sensitive voltage profiles are creating more complex issues for system operators.


WAMS provides visibility that is based on real-time data streamed from Phasor Measurement Units (PMU). A host of WAMS software applications use this data to provide context-specific information, presented through an intuitive user interface. GE’s WAMS solution complements traditional SCADA-based energy management to deliver fast and proactive grid stability management to meet the complex challenges of modern power systems.

WAMS: Tackling the dynamics of the grid

Enhance situational awareness and proactive grid management, maximizing transfer capacity

Mitigate risks of major disturbance and blackout through enhanced monitoring and control

Reduce time spent in emergency operational states with accelerated resynchronization and balancing

Improved dynamic monitoring based on PMU data

Supports synchrophasor-based protection and control and tuning of generator and load dynamic performance

2021 IEEE NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest Winner

GE Digital wins WAMS award for real-tool application to manage grid oscillations

GE Digital tied for first place with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the global 2021 IEEE NASPI Oscillation Source Location Contest involving vendors, utilities, research centers and universities.


GE WAMS solutions and its Oscillatory Stability Management application is a fundamental real-tool application to manage grid oscillations like the January 11, 2019 Eastern Interconnection Forced Oscillation Event. Many observed oscillations are not detected in traditional model-based studies. They can quickly grow across the grid, leading to constraints or even outages. Being able to quickly locate where oscillations are being originated, can help operators to mitigate them and ensure secure grid operation.


As recommended by NERC: RCs should have real-time oscillation detection tools in place to identify when oscillations are occurring, determine if it is limited locally within their footprint or across a wider area, and distinguish between forced oscillations and poorly damped natural system modes. GE Digital WAMS is fully prepared to meet NERC requirements. 

Delivering the power system visibility and insights required to optimize and safeguard stability

Grid monitoring

Power grid monitoring - PhasorPoint


Fully scalable, easily integrated and supported multi-client server solution for real-time Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) data collection, management, analysis, visualization, and reporting.

Grid analytics

Grid analytics software - PhasorAnalytics


State-of-the-art offline engineering analysis package, seamlessly integrating high-speed synchrophasor measurements with other data sources (SCADA/EMS data and Fault Recorder Data), and power system simulation capabilities, for assessing grid operations and improving planning.

Proactive grid management

Stability asset utilization | WAMS | Transmission | GE Digital


Integrating WAMS into control room operation by providing operator guidance, look-ahead capability and asset utilization optimization, by augmenting synchrophasor information with topology-based intelligence and model-based analysis.

System protection and control

Smart grid control system - PhasorController


Flexible platform capable of implementing diverse control schemes with guaranteed response time, and evolving throughout the project lifecycle to meet the most challenging power system issues.

Scalable processing of phasor data

Phasor data concentrator software


Perform large amounts of data processing, including receiving multiple PMU data streams and performing stream data rate conversion where required, time-aligning the stream, and repacking the streams into one or more output streams for transmission to other systems.

Synchrophasor storage solution

Digitization | GE Digital softwareDigitization | GE Digital software


Efficient and compact archiving of PMU data, applications results, and summary data. Data repositories within the Historian allow flexible data management and transparent user access to full resolution, downsampled, snapshot and summary data.

Effective Inertia

Effective Inertia

Improve system frequency management to avoid blackouts and increase renewables penetration

GE and Landsnet: Transforming energy together

GE and Landsnet
GE and Landsnet
Watch the Video

Watch Birkir Heimisson, Head of Smart Grid Development at Landsnet discuss their partnership and digital energy transformation with GE across the utility in Iceland using GE’s Wide Area Management Systems (WAMS), and Advanced Energy Management Solution (AEMS).


Keeping the grid stable

National Grid ESO, the electricity system operator for Great Britain, is developing two new tools to manage the grid's key properties such as voltage or frequency and, increasingly, levels of inertia.  See how GE Digital's Effective Inertia Measurement and forecasting tools is helping ESO pioneer a range of new world-first approaches to grid management.


Read National Grid ESO's article

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Integrated solution suite for proactive grid stability management

Advanced Applications

Wide range of core and advanced applications, including Disturbance Characterization, Oscillation Source Location, Sub-Synchronous Oscillation Management, and Effective Inertia

Enhanced Integration

Coordinated EMS and WAMS for enhanced operator guidance and decision making support

Improved Visualization

Clear and informative user interface that supports fast, targeted and efficient control room actions

Assess Grid Operations

Offline engineering analytics and grid assessment tools, standardizing data from multiple sources for comparison

Learn how GE’s WAMS solutions can help you meet the complex challenges of modern power systems

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Transmission and Renewables Management

Grid management software for 100% renewable energy

Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) | GE | Power Digital
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Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

The framework to master progressively renewable generation by integrating EMS WAMS renewable and analytics into a modular solution

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Advanced Market Management System (AMMS)

Integrated solutions suite for energy market management.