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The synchrophasor database solution

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Efficient and compact archiving of PMU data

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PhasorHistorian provides efficient and compact archiving of PMU data, applications results and summary data. Data repositories within the Historian allow flexible data management and transparent user access to full resolution, down sampled, snapshot and summary data.


Short Term Rolling Archive stores full resolution data for a fixed duration or until the archive reaches its maximum size.


Long Term Rolling Archive stores the data at a user configurable resolution for a significantly longer duration.


Snapshot Archive stores snapshots of data at full resolution. These are generated when a Triggered Storage event occurs or when a user copies a selection of data from the Short Term Rolling Archive to the Snapshot Archive.


Summary Archive stores maximum, minimum and average value summary-data for each PMU. Data is retrieved from the data archives in a number of ways

Long-term data storage

Digitization | GE Digital softwareDigitization | GE Digital software
  • Highly optimized for collecting and managing time-series data
  • Receives live, real-time data from the PDC and updates the historical data archives
  • Performs data and event management
  • Ensures archive integrity, data availability and provides full management capabilities
  • Provides external data interfaces
  • Provides export and import capabilities
  • Can incorporate ONS REGER SCADA data and digital events

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