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Reinventing Vegetation Management with New Technology - Expert Panel Discussion

Reinventing Vegetation Management | GE Digital Webinar

Hear how leading utilities are leveraging technology and reinventing their business processes in this panel discussion hosted by Brian Hoff, VP, Product Management - Analytics at GE Digital’s Grid Software. 

Brian is joined by several industry experts including Iliana Rentz, Head of Vegetation Management at Florida Power and Light Company.  Learn:

  • Why utilities are improving their inspection processes and survey data portfolio
  • Which new technologies support this improvement
  • What will happen if utilities don’t embrace this shift
  • What you can do right now to take the first step in your journey to reinvent your vegetation management program

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Accelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learningAccelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learning
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