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How to Drive Down Vegetation Management Cost

Data-driven visual intelligence drives down vegetation management costs | GE Digital


Data Driven Visual Intelligence

Vegetation management (VM) is a critical and expensive maintenance responsibility to protect transmission and distribution infrastructure. This white paper outlines the results of a recent survey of 36 major North American electric and gas utilities concerning their satisfaction with their current vegetation management programs and recommendations for improvements.

Visual Intelligence Platform

Learn how this platform transforms how vegetation management is done and significantly reduces the cost of this vital component of a utility’s maintenance program. Lastly, learn how to create a business case for a data driven approach to VM that can achieve the following:

  • 20% reduction in costs
  • 30% reduction in tree caused outages

Mitigating threats and strengthening the Grid with AI-based vegetation & asset inspection programs

Visual Intelligence software for inspection and maintenance of vegetation | GE Digital

Visual Intelligence

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, GE’s Visual Intelligence Platform optimizes these systems and processes and provides a holistic picture of the grid to help reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional inspection approaches, while improving risk management and productivity.

Are you ready to reduce your OPEX spend on vegetation management?