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Leverage visual artificial intelligence to automate your asset inspection process

Visual Intelligence – Vegetation Management Software

Leverage visual artificial intelligence to automate your inspection process

Today, global utilities spend millions of dollars per year on vegetation management and asset inspection programs. However, there is a better way to plan and analyze where utilities should focus by optimizing systems and processes. This will lead to a reduction in outages, an increase in compliance, improved safety and a reduction in the probability of catastrophic events such as wildfires or major regional outages.

New remote sensing technology, surveying methods, and AI-driven Asset Condition Assessment solutions offer utilities a clear upgrade from their legacy inspection and risk management programs. GE Digital’s Visual Intelligence Platform can identify problems early, detect asset damage or failure, provide enhanced public and worker safety, and help extend the lifespan of aging assets. Learn more.

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A modern grid needs a vegetation management solution built around 21st century technology

Vegetation Management
Vegetation Management
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Visual Intelligence

Driven by Artificial Intelligence, GE’s Visual Intelligence Platform optimizes these systems and processes and provides a holistic picture of the grid to help reduce the cost and complexity associated with traditional inspection approaches, while improving risk management and productivity.

Are you ready to reduce your OPEX spend on vegetation management?