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Cyber Security and Data Governance

The Predix portfolio of platform and applications are secure by design, and supported by cloud operations that adhere to the strictest industry standards and latest best practices.

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Security design principles


Building security into the design of the entire platform.


Extending that security into the application development process.


Executing a 24/7 security operations center for continuous monitoring and response.

Security and compliance at every level

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Secure support

Predix platform and applications support a wide range of industry, regional, privacy and data governance regulations, and our security practices encompass perimeter security, data security, and access control.


Secure platform and applications

GE's secure development lifecycle (SDLC) framework includes tools, security-related guidelines, and processes that help to secure Predix Platform-powered applications and  services during the development process.


Governance, compliance, and certification

GE Digital's holistic approach comprises international standards, security controls from vertical markets, and regional variations. Predix Platform helps to ensure that an organizations fine grained controls (specific to geography or industry) are in place, validated, and audit-ready. This removes the cost for an organization to design and build their own security controls. Predix Platform is built on a common infrastructure governance model based on ISO 27001/2, NIST 800-53, and FIPS 140-2.


Continuous monitoring and incident response

Predix Platform is continuously monitored by security analysts for anomalies and suspicious events that may require incident response. GE Digital’s Incident Response Program, including on-going training, table-top exercises, pen testing, and vulnerability management, is enhanced by its threat intelligence program. Predix Platform incident responders handle end-to-end coordination with stakeholders for a swift, deterministic incident response from incident notification, investigation, forensics, and close-out.

Products and services to help you ensure your own OT network security

OT Security


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OT Security

Achilles Test Platform

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Cyber Security and Data Governance

OT Security Services

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