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Asset Reliability Service

Predictive maintenance - made simple

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GE Digital Industrial Managed Services and using predictive maintenance software

What is Asset Reliability Service?

Asset Reliability Service is a turnkey outsourced solution for predictive analytics-based monitoring, alerting and remediation guidance. Using Digital Twin analytics and Asset Performance Management (APM) software, GE asset reliability consultants help you rapidly achieve your asset reliability management goals without the need to purchase software or expand staffing.


The predictive maintenance imperative

Predictive Maintenance based on advanced analytics is recognized as fundamental goal of modern industrial organizations. Spanning both core and balance-of-plant equipment, predictive maintenance reduces unplanned downtime, optimizes maintenance costs, increases asset lifetimes and more. Ensuring critical assets is not enough.  Balance-of-plant equipment is also a major contribution to unplanned downtime and high maintenance costs.


Asset Reliability Service makes it simple, affordable, and fast to use predictive maintenance in your operations.

Why Choose Asset Reliability Service

Continuous monitoring

GE’s Asset Reliability Consultants monitor your equipment and provide early warning of equipment issues

Digital Twin predictive analytics

GE advanced analytics provide early and accurate detection of emerging issues

Diagnostics & remediation

GE expertise and analytics provide probable cause and suggested maintenance actions

Customer reports & notifications

Customers receive diagnostic reports and high priority notifications to help drive action in the field

Rapid & proven results

Pre-built analytic blueprints and proven techniques have saved customers over $1.5B in cost avoidance

Cost effectiveness

A minimum investment leverages industry-leading analytics and Asset Performance Management software delivered by our asset reliability consultants

Asset Reliability Service is based on GE's Asset Performance Management software and analytics. See why Verdantix named GE Digital a leader in the APM Solutions Green Quadrant. 

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Drive Results with Asset Reliability Service

Reliability analysis software

Why outsourced services

Some organizations may feel that the analytics, software, and asset reliability management investments for predictive maintenance are beyond their reach. GE’s turnkey outsourced service brings the full benefits at a fraction of the cost and no added staffing or process complexity. GE’s asset reliability managers virtually augment and expand your digital capabilities and O&M staff, acting as a trusted expert, advisor, and partner.

Digital Twin graphic showing power of advanced analytics on GE industrial turbine

Digital Twin Analytics at Work

Asset Reliability service utilizes GE Digital Twin analytics and content that are built on years of GE expertise in industrial manufacturing, operations, servicing and software. Standard blueprints for over 320 rotating and non-rotating equipment types across OEM providers are rapidly trained to create accurate predictive, diagnostic, and time-to-action models for each monitored asset.

APM Reliability |  screenshot | GE Digital

Alert, diagnose and determine action

When advanced digital twin analytics detect an emerging issue, GE’s asset reliability consultants provide notification – including incident priority, causal diagnosis, recommended actions and execution timeframe.


We help you plan and track task completion and verify success. Dedicated asset reliability managers and regular meetings enable short and long term success.

Industrial engineer studying total cost of ownership metrics

A proven team to rely upon

GE Digital has been providing predictive maintenance and a host of asset reliability management services for over 15 years. Asset reliability consultants around the globe monitor over 8000 customer assets, provide expert services to more than 100 leading industrial organizations, and have delivered over $1.5B USD in measured customer savings.

Software for power generators | GE Digital

No additional staffing costs

Asset Reliability Service offers customers the benefits of a predictive maintenance program without the need to learn or operated new technology on a day-to-day basis.  GE asset reliability consultants operate the technology for you and provide reports and notifications so your staff can focus on what they do best. Should direct APM software ownership or subscription be in your future best interest, your GE asset reliability consultant will ensure a seamless transition and continue to offer any operation, monitoring, or strategic services that meet your needs.

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