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Transpetro Reduces Maintenance Costs with Proficy Historian

Lower Costs

Easier installation and maintenance


Historical data analysis

Greater Efficiency

Calculation of process efficiency indexes for monitoring





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InfoSCADA Project

Application of Proficy solution in the terminals and pipelines operated by Transpetro


Given the geographic scope of Transpetro, the company identified the need to centralize process data and provide information to corporate users. The data comes from Transpetro's gas pipelines, pipelines and terminals. For this, Transpetro worked with Aquarius Software, a GE Digital partner to implement a solution that brought the information from the field supervisory systems to a single location and allowed access for users of the corporate network.



In this way, Transpetro created InfoSCADA, based on Proficy Historian, which is its PIMS (Process Information Management System). Today, InfoSCADA supports 150,000 tags, collected from 114 computers, in 57 locations. It has 2,750 screens developed on the Proficy dashboard/portal software, with simultaneous access by 100 users.


Value achieved


A database stores Transpetro variables in little space and with very low search time. Transpetro searches for data recorded for months in a matter of seconds.


One of the areas that has benefited greatly from the implementation of InfoSCADA is maintenance. It is easier to access data and monitor variables - such as pressure, flow and temperature of notable points. In this way, the team started to have better conditions to act preventively in maintaining the operational bases.


Read the article InfoSCADA Project: application of the Proficy solution in the terminals and pipelines operated by Transpetro, published in the magazine Petro & Química. 


About Aquarius Software

Aquarius Software is a reference in technology, products and services for industrial automation and production management, with market-leading solutions and differentiated services, from the factory floor to the corporate environment. Continuously, Aquarius Software seeks the best technologies, mixes software and services with new approaches, creating many possibilities and innovations to provide a superior response to the challenges of each client. The Company has specialists in the areas of Automation and Operation Technology (TA / TO) and Information Technology (IT) and is able to accompany its customers on the journey of Digital Transformation.

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