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Riding the STORM: A Network Digital Twin to Enhance Electric Grid Reliability & Resiliency

Digital Twins are mission critical

Digital Twin graphic showing power of advanced analytics on GE industrial turbine

Apply advanced analytics and machine learning to help reduce operational costs and risks.


Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. They create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits.

Our customers tell it best

CPV uses digital twins in their control center to reduce costs and optimize maintenance
Digital Twin

CPV uses Digital Twin technologies to increase peak power output by 10x while reducing costs

Learn how Competitive Power Ventures has increased use of the gas turbine’s peak fire service by 10x with software using Digital Twin…

Digital Twin

Major North American and EU Power Producer Gains Additional Power Capacity to Meet Market Demands

Learn how a major power producer was able to deliver an additional $30K/day in additional capacity by employing digital twin technology.

YPF Drives Cost Optimization through Process Standardization across Refineries
Oil and Gas Software

YPF Drives Cost Optimization through Process Standardization across Refineries

Read how Asset Performance Management software helped YPF increase asset reliability and availability while optimizing maintenance costs.

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