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Analytics That Engineers in Water Can Really Use

Analytics for Engineers in Water and Wastewater – No PhD needed

GE Digital software helps water utility companies manage assets | sedimentation tanks

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Water utilities have no shortage of data – real time and historical. But, getting value out of that data to ease compliance, reduce costs, and drive greater efficiency means using analytics as a foundation for optimization.


Watch this short video to see how GE Digital helped a mid-sized water utility to predict pump failure up to 16 days in advance, using Proficy CSense.


Read how our Water/Wastewater customers are using software to transform

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Water treatment facility in Brazil | GE Digital software helps Sabesp monitor water

Sabesp Modernizes SCADA Using iFIX and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

Learn how GE Digital HMI/SCADA software helps Sabesp, the fourth largest water and wastewater company in the world.

Iowa City Water Treatment Plant using iFIX and WIN-911 software
Proficy HMI / SCADA

iFIX HMI/SCADA and WIN-911 Combine to Babysit Wastewater Treatment at Night

Read why Iowa City wastewater treatment plant using iFIX and WIN-911 software to quickly alert remote and on-premise operators to critical alarms.

City of Carmel's wastewater utility uses iFIX software to maintain efficiency
Proficy HMI / SCADA

WIN-911 and iFIX help Carmel’s Wastewater Utility Maintain Award-Winning Service

Read how GE Digital's iFIX HMI/SCADA software helps the City of Carmel maintain a sewage treatment plant that is best-in-class.

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