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Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

GE Aviation achieves maximum efficiency with a OneMES Roadmap

50 +

Manufacturing sites

Greater efficiency

End-to-end visibility

Fewer applications

Simplified software on the shop floor



GE Aviation


Proficy Plant Applications, Proficy Operations Hub

Product Categories

Proficy Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Proficy HMI / SCADA, Proficy Historian


Learn how the team at GE Aviation is deploying their next generation MES that will reduce the number of applications across 50+ manufacturing shops, allowing for maximum efficiency of the shop floor works while tracking the engine build genealogy to the final bolt put on an engine. GE Aviation’s OneMES roadmap leverages Proficy Plant Applications and its ability to handle mixed manufacturing environments – for one solution with MES, quality, and machine connectivity. Also, discover how the team is working with Proficy Operations Hub as the next step in new generation visualization.



  • Obsolete systems
  • Multiple systems/point solutions
  • Low machine connectivity
  • Inability to analyze end-to-end manufacturing dataset




  • Proficy Plant Applications for modern MES platform that is multi-modal (handles mixed manufacturing environments)
  • One system: MES/Quality/Machine Connected
  • Proficy Operations Hub for visibility
  • TCO reduction and P&A improvements via moving to AWS



Next generation MES solution that:

  • Reduces the number of applications on the shop floor
  • Maximizes efficiency of the shop floor works
  • Tracks engine build genealogy to the final bolt put on an engine
  • Provides a modern scalable architecture


About the Speaker

Rob Amos, Senior Director – Shop Floor Applications, GE Aviation


Rob Amos is the Senior Director – Shop Floor Applications for GE Aviation. In this role, Rob leads the Shop Floor application team that designs, implements and supports the primary shop floor applications that GE Aviation uses in its manufacturing – including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Complex Assembly and Maintenance applications that are used in 50+ manufacturing shops around the world. Rob and the team take the product from raw material through production and then over to the engine assembly. With more than 20 years of experience, Rob holds an undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and an MBA from The Ohio State University.

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