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Enhance the Performance of CIMPLICITY

Additional options to deliver faster operator response

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Industrial engineer relying on GE Digital software for HMI/SCADA visibilityIndustrial engineer relying on GE Digital software for HMI/SCADA visibility

Expect more from your HMI / SCADA

Industrial working using HMI/SCADA software | GE DigitalIndustrial working using HMI/SCADA software | GE Digital

Going beyond traditional visualization and control, CIMPLICITY includes a family of options that extends its industry-leading capabilities. Whether you need reporting, browser visualization, or a plethora of drivers, GE Digital has a solution to match your HMI/SCADA requirements.

Dream Report for Proficy


Powerful reporting to help improve performance and meet operational goals

This powerful reporting software accesses open and proprietary archives and databases to generate professional reports by schedule, on event, or manually—then publishes and distributes the reports. The solution delivers web-based reports management over the Internet via an integrated web portal, enabling customers to access generated reports, create new reports, and build web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes. Get the reports you need, anywhere, anytime.


HMI/SCADA software | iPower | Screenshot | iFIX and CIMPLICITY extensions

Improve utilities operations globally

iPower is an open, standards-based SCADA solution that’s easy to use and easy to own. It is also scalable from substation automation systems to complex computer networks in larger utility control rooms. Developed for power and utilities companies, iPower provides real-time data collection, database management, dynamic data display, and secure operator supervisory control. As a result, you can achieve safer operations and efficient network management.

Industrial Gateway Server


Enable reliable connections to your devices for control, data acquisition, and visualization

This powerful full- featured connectivity solution is robust, reliable, and easy to use. Industrial Gateway Server (IGS) is packed with the latest and greatest industry standard protocols, which enable communication to thousands of mixed vendor devices and instruments. With IGS, you have a comprehensive connectivity solution for GE Digital’s HMI/SCADA, Manufacturing, and EMI applications, as well as third-party solutions.

Proficy Webspace


Deliver advanced control and production execution over mobile devices and web browsers

This easy-to-use, full-featured web and mobile client enables you to extend, expand, and enhance new or existing iFIX, CIMPLICITY, or Plant Applications solutions from GE Digital. It enables full control, visualization, and production execution capabilities over your company's Intranet or secure Internet without the need to change or alter your software application and can be set up within minutes.

MTConnect-OPC UA Driver

MTConnect-OPC UA Driver  | GE Digital

Continuously collect real-time data from machine tool equipment for analysis and optimization

The new MTConnect-OPC UA Driver from GE Digital is an industry first – a non-proprietary connectivity solution implementing MTConnect and OPC UA standards and continuously collecting real-time data without polling. This new driver enables HMI/SCADA, historian, and edge applications to capture data from CNC machines, robots, 3D printers, and other manufacturing equipment, providing a foundation for analysis and optimization.


CIMPLICITY Security Hardening Open-Source Tool from OTORIO

OTORIO’s tool verifies the security configuration of the Windows machines of the different CIMPLICITY components.  It contains 16 OT security insights, based on dozens of Windows checks that are derived directly from GE’s security recommendations. Its goal is to verify that the installation of CIMPLICITY was is done in a secure-by-design environment.

Explore HMI/SCADA solutions

Industrial manufacturing operator using GE Digital MES software
Industrial Apps


Optimize operator efficiency with high performance HMI while reducing risk with proven visualization and SCADA

Proficy Historian | Data Historian | GE Digital
Industrial Software

Proficy Historian

Powerful industrial time-series data collection for on-premise and cloud-based storage and analysis

Industrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE DigitalIndustrial software to support automotive manufacturers | GE Digital
Industrial Apps


Software to accelerate time-to-market and improve production performance at global scale.