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How to leverage digital solutions to overcome changing power industry demands

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When you need to be flexible and future proof your assets in the changing power industry environment, in which digital solutions should you invest?  And, most importantly, when?

Join us for a FREE four-part webinar series to discuss and review GE Digital’s solutions designed to optimize gas plants, steam plants, and mixed technology fleets as well as solutions to address dispatch and bidding challenges for renewables. Select from the session(s) that most apply to your role or attend all four for the entire fleet management view. We will get technical so you can see how the solutions work, how they are different from other options, how and when you can see an ROI.

Each session will feature a question & answer format with GE Digital experts moderated by Power Magazine Executive Editor Aaron Larson. Submit your questions in advance or live to our product managers with deep engineering and power industry expertise. We are here to answer your tough questions.

Aaron Larsen, Power Magazine

  Meet the Moderator:
  Aaron Larsen
  Executive Editor, Power Magazine

Four-part webinar series

How to optimize your gas plant with digital solutions that provide a clear ROI

Software for power generators | GE Digital

Session 1: Gas

Session 1: September 28, 10 am ET
Session 2: September 29, 10 am UAE


With the onset and growth of renewable energy, many gas plants are now operating different from their original design intent. The demand for flexibility is leading to challenges in operations, reliability and performance. 


With all the options out there to help your plant operate in this new environment and be relevant in the future, how is GE Digital’s software different from others and how is the software able to handle energy transition challenges?


We will cover how the software works to help you make your commitments to the grid, gain visibility to equipment degradation, empower teams with data driven insights, avoiding hidden costs and reducing O&M spend with real world use cases. We will also share what is new with closed-looped software using AI/ML to save fuel and reduce emissions.  


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When and where does it make sense to invest in software for coal plants?

Software for coal power generators | GE Digital

Session 2: Coal

Session 1: October 26, 10 am ET
Session 2: October 27, 10 am UAE


The role of coal plants have changed significantly around the world. Some are planning to run for several years to come. Some are running at reduced capacity factor. Some are being retired. With the on-set of renewables, those that are running are often required to cycle much more than designed.  Additionally, with the volatility in fuel prices, these operating modes continue to change. 


Choosing the right software to help future proof your coal plant can be complicated. This session takes a hard look at when it makes sense to invest in a software solution and when it does not. If you need visibility to the health of your plant to drive down O&M costs or to inform on capital investments, this webinar session is for you. We also cover how a closed-loop system reduces operator inefficiencies to quickly improve fuel efficiency and/or meet your emission requirements.


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How GE Digital’s software addresses renewables unique challenges and helps to meet mission goal

Software to help optimize renewable power generation | GE Digital

Session 3: Renewables

Session 1: November 2, 10 am ET
Session 2: November 3, 10 am UAE



As a non-dispatchable power technology dispersed over a large land area, renewables are facing unique challenges not seen in other industries. In this webinar, learn how plant teams can understand the health of their equipment without having to send out a person every time there may be an issue. Find out how to accurately forecast day ahead generation capabilities and operate a site remotely with more secure connections, minimal IT maintenance support requirements, and more flexible connectivity options.


Renewables is a unique world and that requires unique solutions. Sign up for this session to see GE solutions can help your teams get as much value as quickly as possible.


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Learn how to optimize your fleet with digital solutions that accelerate the value of renewables while extending value of your thermal fleet

Software to assist power generators | GE Digital

Session 4: Fleet

Session 1: November 9, 10 am ET
Session 2: November 10, 10 am UAE


Still unsure how analytics and automation can help to improve fleet performance? Attend this final session to learn how to accelerate value of renewables while extending the value in your thermal fleet with GE Power Generations Solutions. You will learn how software can let you know the best and worst performing plants in regards to capacity, equipment, heat rate, and emissions as well as provide an entire portfolio view.


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