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Viva Air Implements Flight Analytics Solution to Target Fuel Consumption, Cost Savings, and Sustainability

Cost Savings

1st low-cost carrier in Colombia to use flight analytics to help increase operational cost savings


Mission to optimize operations and maximize emission reduction



Viva Air




Aircraft Fuel Efficiency, Safety Insight, FlightPulse®

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Flight Analytics for Airlines


Viva Air is implementing GE Digital’s Safety Insight, Fuel Insight, and FlightPulse to identify and quantify specific opportunities to optimize operations and maximize emission reduction.  


“Viva is one of the fastest growing airlines in Colombia and South America,” said Felix Antelo, President and CEO from Viva Air. “This year, we have added 14 out of 50 new aircraft flying more than 3,100 flights per month.”



Promote operational efficiency and reduce carbon emissions


Viva will be the first low-cost carrier in Colombia to use flight analytics in its operations to help increase operational cost savings.


Our mission is to deliver a consistent and accessible service to customers, promoting a low-cost model in the region with sustainability and efficiency. These software solutions will allow us to fulfill that mission.

Felix Antelo - President and CEO, Viva Air


GE Digital’s Safety Insight helps airline operators, safety managers and pilots improve flight safety with multi-system flight data collection and analytics to help optimize operating procedures and overall airline safety. Data from the system can improve safety and reduce carbon emissions.


Fuel Insight is a cost and emissions reduction solution that works by understanding real aircraft and airline data. Using GE Digital’s powerful aviation data and analytics platform to merge flight data with flight plans, Fuel Insight uncovers valuable insight to help increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste.


Having one of the youngest fleets in the region, providing Viva pilots access to data from across the operation is critical. FlightPulse is a fully configurable modular Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application that puts data key to operational decisions directly in the hands of pilots. Designed by pilots, for pilots, FlightPulse provides access to aggregated data for more informed fuel decisions and departure briefings, as well as secure access to data from a pilot’s individual flight history, allowing them to analyze their own operation of the aircraft and self-discover areas to optimize operations and efficiency.


Read the press release on Viva Air and GE Digital.

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