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Pfizer Cuts Downtime by Moving to Predictive Maintenance

Improved reliability

Reduced downtime

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Secure and accurate data is critical to Pfizer to ensure compliance with regulatory commitments. Pfizer has been using GE Digital’s Proficy Historian for years to collect data from their manufacturing sites, building controls, and utilities, combined as one OT data set.  They are using this data in combination with Proficy CSense industrial analytics to improve their operational performance. Watch the video below to see Proficy CSense in action.

We are able to get a lot of benefit, a lot of reduced downtime, and a more reliable system.

Kevin Callahan - Automation Engineer, Pfizer Inc.

Pfizer has integrated live process data for their maintenance systems and have gone from a preventative maintenance approach to a more predictive maintenance approach.  It has reduced downtime and allows the team to have access to the data for review, which has helped them to increase productivity and resulting yield. 

It gives us one common format to look at and collect data and provides us with the ability to compare data from multiple areas.

Erik Westberg - Automation Engineer, Pfizer, Inc.

Pfizer has been working with GE Digital’s partner, AutomaTech for over 15 years to help find the GE Digital suite of solutions that fit their needs.  “We’ve upgraded historians, we’ve upgraded SCADA servers and client applications.  They have been key in helping us choose the right product,” Callahan said.     


  • Reliable integrated system with accurate and secure data
  • Data collection and root cause analysis
  • Reduced downtime with a predictive maintenance approach
  • Increased productivity and yield

About AutomaTech

AutomaTech is a leading provider of industrial technology solutions focused on improving your operational performance. By harnessing the power of data, we enable significant gains, visibility across your entire organization, and increased profits for a competitive edge. Our product offering includes a flexible and scalable mix of hardware and software solutions to solve your toughest challenges while providing a roadmap for future improvements and growth. 

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