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Transmission and Renewables Management

Petroleum Development Oman Builds Sustainability with GE Digital’s Advanced Energy Management System


Optimize reliable transmission microgrid network operation; maximize renewable energy

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Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS)

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Transmission and Renewables Management

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), the leading exploration and oil & gas production company in the Sultanate of Oman, will use the GE Digital Advanced Energy Management System (AEMS) to support its sustainability goals. AEMS is designed to enable PDO to plan, control, and optimize renewable power generation to help keep its oil production plants operating reliably and efficiently.


“Our goal is to meet our electricity needs and support a stable grid. To do that, we needed an effective system management that allows us to be proactive,” said Zahir Al-Busaidi, Infrastructure Power Systems Department Manager for Petroleum Development Oman.


The addition of GE Digital’s software will support the efficient management of our microgrid to keep our business operating and assist in the preparation for challenges and opportunities with renewables in the future.

Zahir Al-Busaidi - Infrastructure Power Systems Department Manager, Petroleum Development Oman.


Optimize Microgrid Network Operation and Maximize Renewable Energy


PDO delivers most of the country of Oman's crude oil production and natural gas supply. The company runs its own electric network – a microgrid – to serve its business. A microgrid is a local controllable grid which can run autonomously from the main grid. By using a microgrid, PDO can be more resilient, potentially lower costs, and run more efficiently. Conversely, when connected to Oman’s main grid, PDO can supply power back to the country.  


GE Digital’s software will support the efficient management of PDO's microgrid

GE Digital’s software will support the efficient management of PDO's microgrid. Photo courtesy PDO

xPDO delivers most of the country of Oman's crude oil production and natural gas supply.

PDO delivers most of the country of Oman's crude oil production and natural gas supply. Photo courtesy PDO


PDO strives to operate in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion. To be a more sustainable business, PDO has launched a Lean program to streamline operations, cut waste, eradicate inefficiency, and avoid duplication of activities.


GE Digital’s AEMS is designed to integrate with electric utility functions, such as plant and field management, asset and maintenance management, IT internal services, security services, substation automation systems, HVDC line control, power plant control systems, and other EMS interchanges. It is natively integrated to the GE Digital Renewables & DER Orchestration solution and Wide Area Management System (WAMS) software which are expected to  become essential solutions for PDO as they progress in their renewable journey.


“The global economic landscape will change rapidly in the next 10 years and it is critical to incorporate renewable energy sources into all grids,” said Jim Walsh, General Manager of GE Digital’s Grid Software business.

Industrial companies like Petroleum Development Oman are utilizing contemporary digital tools to deliver a reliable, more sustainable microgrid to support their core operations.

Jim Walsh - General Manager, GE Digital Grid Software

The Journey Toward 100% Renewable Energy

Journey Toward 100% Renewable Energy | White paper from GE Digital

White paper

The majority of countries have a plan in place to reach a high level of variable renewable energy penetration, which utilities will have to manage in order to allow the increased penetration in the power grid. Early adopters such as Denmark and Ireland have valuable experience increasing their volume of renewable energy, overcoming challenges in areas such as operating power systems and energy market systems in order to reach over 50% of VRE in their energy mix.


GE Digital Energy has developed advanced solutions for utilities to successfully achieve their VRE and overall renewable targets.

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