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Neenah Paper Improves Quality with Proficy Software

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Neenah Paper


Pulp and Paper Manufacturing


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For more than 100 years, Neenah Paper has been a market leader in specialty papers for premium writing, text, cover, digital, packaging and label applications. 


At Neenah Paper, quality standards are of upmost importance.  They use GE Digital’s Proficy Plant Applications  to ensure quality in their manufacturing.  They verify and test the caliper, which is the paper’s thickness, along with the porosity and weight, among others.  If the paper is not up to specification, they do not ship it to their customers.  


With GE Digital’s Proficy Plant Applications Quality module,  Neenah Paper’s operators and the Quality Assurance Department are able to visualize the data.  If something is out of specification, an alarm will notify the operator. 

Software in manufacturing helps us out for decision support. We do need quality and timely data to understand how our product is performing and if our customers are satisfied.

James Garrity - Senior IT Analyst, Neenah Paper


IT’s role at Neenah Paper is to provide support to the business, focusing on software systems that can improve their operational performance.  By harnessing the power of Neenah Paper’s data, they can help with continuous improvement. 


Garrity explains how he wants to take the manufacturing process to a different level and provide business users with the ability to get the data on their mobile devices, so they can make decisions anywhere.  He reached out to GE Digital’s partner AutomaTech to help with this project.  He says that he values their customer service, professionalism, and expertise. 



  • Ensuring quality in manufacturing
  • Increased visibility for continuous improvement
  • Information anywhere, anytime to support decision making

About AutomaTech

AutomaTech is a leading provider of industrial technology solutions focused on improving your operational performance. By harnessing the power of data, we enable significant gains, visibility across your entire organization, and increased profits for a competitive edge. Our product offering includes a flexible and scalable mix of hardware and software solutions to solve your toughest challenges while providing a roadmap for future improvements and growth. 

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