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Are you using the latest CIMPLICITY?

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CIMPLICITY Upgrade Special Offer

Engineer using GE Digital HMI/SCADA software

Have you seen CIMPLICITY lately? 

Don't miss out on new capabilities and enhancements to:

  • Accelerate development and maintenance
  • Manage your applications efficiently
  • Empower operators with a modern experience
  • Decrease risk with up-to-date patches and OS

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  • If you do not currently have an Acceleration Plan (Support), you can receive a 10% discount off the standard software upgrade price.
  • If you purchase a 3-year Acceleration Plan term, you can receive a 40% discount on reinstatement.
  • In addition to this special pricing, you have the option to upgrade one of your standard CIMPLICITY Servers to a CIMPLICITY Pro Server at no additional cost when upgrading your software.

Limited-time offer:  Ending December 1, 2023.

Greater Value & Security with New Features

CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA Provides Plant-Wide Visualization

Accelerate Development, Reduce Costs

Python Scripting: Python is a powerful language that can enable extensibility of your system. Coupled with CIMPLICITY’s open interface and large library of available Python capabilities, you can solve the most complex problems including tying analytics to your equipment, interfacing with business and IT systems, exposing data with  MQTT and other IoT protocols, performing complex calculations, and much more.


Cloud Enabled: Host CIMPLICITY in a cloud infrastructure to reduce IT system and maintenance costs. Use the architectural flexibility to suit your business needs.


Discover and Build Capabilities: Discover and browse OPC UA data sources to build out your database automatically, reducing configuration time.

Upgrade to CIMPLICITY Pro Server for Free

CIMPLICITY SCADA software screenshot | client-server visualization

Why go Pro?

Digital Graphic Replay (DGR): Use your logged historical data to automatically view HMI displays as they were running in the past. Start, stop, rewind, fast forward, or play in slow motion. Troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues.


Action Calendar: Create events based on time to execute scripts or run standard operations through our Classes and Objects.


SPC: Ensure processes are running within tolerances. Use SPC charts and create quality events and alarms for out-of-spec conditions.


System Sentry (1 CAL): Monitor your software and environments. Receive alerts related to OS health and software processes in case of failure, out of disk space, and more.


Terminal Services Client (1 CAL): Remotely manage your server using Terminal Services or leverage it for a remote client capability.

Explore what's new in CIMPLICITY

GE Digital software in use by industrial engineer


Check out our new generation CIMPLICITY featuring native HTML5 with Proficy Operations Hub, MQTT, and Configuration Hub for common authentication and…

Meet compliance standards required for your application with GE Digital's CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA
On-Demand Webinar


Learn how we reduced time to solution by delivering on the #1 ask from customers: Python scripting, improving extensibility and ease of use.

Manufacturing engineer using GE Digital HMI/SCADA software
CIMPLICITY Product Information

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