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Proficy 2023 Webinars: CIMPLICITY 2023


Check out GE Digital's new generation CIMPLICITY featuring native HTML5 with Proficy Operations Hub, MQTT, and Configuration Hub for common authentication and modeling. 

More than your traditional HMI, native HTML5 means less installation and maintenance effort, easier mobility, responsive design, added value with modern web functionality, secure by design, and rich information where and when you need it - on the device of your choice.

  • Native HTML5 Graphics Designer and lightweight scalable Runtime - for a better, faster way to develop your HMI
  • Easily combine CIMPLICITY, other OT systems plus IT systems with Proficy Operations Hub, adding information such as PDFs, videos, SQL tables, work orders, etc. for a richer operator experience
  • Configuration Hub - Define projects and leverage OPC UA discovery 
  • Common model across Proficy software to reduce configuration
  • Security and high availability enhancements 
  • Screen-building accelerators including auto-binding data 
  • MQTT5 client brings data from smart IoT sensors/devices into SCADA and subscribes to MQTT message bus data

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CIMPLICITY Upgrade Special Offer

Take advantage of significant discounts to level-up your software and even move from Standard to Pro for free.


Don't miss out on new capabilities and enhancements to:

  • Accelerate development and maintenance
  • Manage your applications efficiently
  • Empower operators with a modern experience
  • Decrease risk with up-to-date patches and OS

The richest HMI/SCADA capabilities to improve your operations

CIMPLICITY SCADA software screenshot | client-server visualization

From machine-level HMI to Enterprise SCADA

Used by thousands of customers around the world including GE's own manufacturing plants, CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA provides:

  • Secure-by-design data collection from anywhere to monitor, control and analyze your processes
  • Native and HTML5-based visualization: Build High Performance HMI and dashboards
  • Build complex alarming systems with notifications
  • Extensibility: Python, .NET and VB Scripting, APIs for customized and optimized advanced configuration and data acquisition and alarm toolkits
  • Enterprise setups including cloud/hybrid support
  • Historization to SQL and Proficy Historian with historical graphical playback capabilities (DGR)
  • Redundancy including 24/7 uptime for High Availability
  • Reporting: KPIs, operations dashboards and compliance data at your fingertips