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Operational Visibility: Unearthing Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns

Driving Profitability with Plant and Process Data

Asset performance Management for Chemical Manufacturers | GE Digital

GE Digital and LNS Research Webcast | On-demand

Learn how the chemical industry can improve operational performance through better execution. Join GE Digital and LNS Research to learn best practices, insights and recommendations for improvement for operating companies as well as for suppliers of operational performance analytics.

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SABIC is the second largest globally diversified chemical company
Predix Asset Performance Management

SABIC Adopts APM Culture on the Path to Manufacturing Excellence

Learn how SABIC, the second largest globally diversified chemical company, improved mean time between failures (MBTF) for pipes from 172 days to more than 2…

Vale Fertilizantes customer story | GE Digital
Predix Asset Performance Management

Vale Fertilizantes Saves $1.4M in Production Losses with Predix Asset Performance Management

Learn how GE Digital's APM software helped Vale Fertilizantes, one of the leading fertilizer manufacturers in Brazil, save $1.4 million.

Predix Asset Performance Management

Magnelec Expects Savings of $4.6 Million in Five Years with APM

Read how Magnelec identified potential savings of $4.6 million with the help of GE Digital's asset performance management software.