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Chemical industry challenges

Increase visibility into asset and operational data

Chemical manufacturers are challenged with low visibility into asset or operations performance on both the plant and enterprise level. Data is often siloed in multiple systems with a low level of integration.

Improve asset reliability

A significant percentage of critical assets in the chemical industry are over 25 years old. Many companies are still using reactive maintenance practices and are unable to detect deviations from unexpected plant operating conditions on time.

Maintain knowledge management

More than 70% of experienced workforce and leadership will retire in the next 15 years. By capturing domain expertise with industrial applications, chemical manufacturers can more easily share best practices and reduce the knowledge gap for a new workforce.

Manage operational risk

With growing complexity in regulations—governmental and environmental—chemical manufacturers must invest more in health, safety, and compliance technology to manage operational risk.

Meet market demand

Current market conditions—which can be volatile—and shifting feedstock prices, chemical manufacturers are often challenged with decentralized production, putting added pressure on operating costs and production flexibility.

Optimizing Asset Performance in the Chemical Industry

Optimizing Asset Performance in the Chemical Industry

Turn your chemical industrial data into actionable insights

Data from sensors, recommendations from people, and information from a multitude of systems produce a relentless stream of asset data that can either keep you informed to help make smarter decisions or leave you vulnerable to blind spots and risk.  Learn how to figure out what all that data means in order to determine which information is key to the health of your assets and are most critical to your business.

Latest chemical manufacturing industry blogs

Latest chemical manufacturing industry blogs

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Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems
Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

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Predix Asset Performance Management

Optimizing the performance of assets to increase reliability and availability, minimize costs, and reduce operational risks.

Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems

Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud

Consolidate and transform manufacturing data across plants for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics.

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Increase field service efficiency, improve customer experience, and maximize profitability.

How Industrial Chemical Companies Can Maximize Revenue with IIoT

How Chemical Companies Can Maximize Revenue with IIoT Webcast

Webcast: How Chemical Companies Can Maximize Revenue with IIoT

Data-informed insights uncover new opportunities to increase efficiency across business and operations. In the chemical industry, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the key to implementing smarter solutions. 


Watch our on-demand webcast for a uniquely interactive experience to learn how to unleash the data, assess new opportunities, and unlock customer advantage.