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Picture of Sergey Yevtushenko

Sergey Yevtushenko

CEO and General Director, Indusoft-Ukraine

Sergey Yevtushenko is CEO and General Director of Indusoft-Ukraine, founded in 2003. In this role, Sergey is a leader in industrial automation and IT in Ukraine, active in the national Industry 4.0 movement and a member of the APPAU association. His experience spans oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and more. He actively develops and implements innovative technologies including predictive equipment diagnostics, cloud solutions, Industrial Internet Control Systems, network solutions – in addition to industry-standard solutions for typical tasks such as scheduling, calculation of material balances, monitoring of equipment operation, ERP integration, and energy accounting. Sergey and the Indusoft-Ukraine team have implemented MES / MOM solutions for nearly 20 years with dozens of successes in the CIS countries.

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