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GE Digital and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Reduce costs and enable enterprise-wide optimization

GE Digital and Amazon Web Services | Partnering native cloud service for a data historian

Partnering to deliver innovation

Industrial OT data management in the cloud? In the past, no. Today with the combination of GE Digital and AWS, yes.


Many industrial organizations are skeptical about putting their operational data in the cloud. But as increasing amounts of enterprise/business data across the organization are securely and cheaply moved to cloud solutions, companies are asking themselves – can we afford not to do the same with OT data?


Watch on Demand the GE Digital and AWS webinar: Cloud-Based OT Data Management to Reduce Costs and Support Analytics.

GE Digital and AWS help industrial organizations balance the needs of the plant floor with the advantages of cloud technologies

Deliver a foundation for operational, enterprise-wide optimization

Increase agility to run your operations faster

Decrease costs

Benefits of GE Digital’s Software in the Cloud

Proficy Historian | screenshot | GE Digital | data historian

Meet plant floor and enterprise requirements


  • Reduce deployment time and costs
  • Improve performance with high availability
  • Increase agility with autoscaling
  • Achieve zero downtime upgrades
  • Decrease maintenance time and costs
  • Enable enterprise optimization


The only Native Cloud service for a historian

Trend Data from Proficy Historian Software

Proficy Historian for AWS

Traditionally, to meet the needs of industrial users, operational historians on-prem stored and retrieved the massive amounts of OT data generated by their equipment and processes. Furthermore, many of these industrial users paid up to 90% higher costs for a competitive historian compared to GE Digital’s analyst-recommended historian.


With the only Native Cloud service for a historian, GE Digital and AWS are significantly reducing the costs of deployment and maintenance, eliminating disruptions due to upgrades, and easily aggregating data across industrial plants for enterprise-wide optimization.


GE Aviation Cuts Costs by 20% with Proficy and AWS

GE Aviation uses Proficy software to help enable scalability, reliability, and global deployment

Every two seconds, an aircraft powered by GE technology is taking off somewhere in the world. In its manufacturing, GE Aviation uses Proficy Historian to manage OT data in 32 of its manufacturing plants.


“Managing this amount of data is costly,” said Bill Andrews, Technical Product Manager, GE Aviation. “By moving from 32 distinct deployments to a single deployment of Proficy Historian on AWS, we can dramatically reduce management costs and downtime while improving value, scalability, and reliability.”


The company expects to reduce infrastructure costs by more than 20% and annual resources by $185K. The team will also improve system availability by eliminating more than a month of planned downtime and enabling a common data store accessible by thousands of enterprise-wide employees.


Leveraging the AWS infrastructure and EKS and EFS services with Proficy Historian, GE Aviation is achieving a true operational historian architected specifically to enable scalability, reliability, and global deployment – all at a cost below traditional deployments and at the speed of cloud.


Reduce efficiency manufacturing software costs by 30%* with GE’s Cloud OEE

Proficy Smart Factory – Cloud OEE from GE Digital is a powerful operations management solution that reduces costs to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and accelerates results.


Fully hosted in AWS and managed by GE, this cloud-based solution collects and analyzes data, and helps manage highly automated, fast-moving processes as well as slower moving, labor-intensive jobs.


Consolidate and transform manufacturing data for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics

AWS on Air
AWS on Air
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With Proficy Manufacturing Data Cloud (MDC), part of the GE Digital's Manufacturing Execution Systems suite of solutions, you can easily and quickly increase the derived value by reliably bringing enterprise-wide manufacturing data into the cloud and transforming it into a structured data set.


Proficy MDC enables the consolidation of three data sets required for process optimization and analytical applications: asset data, ERP data, and manufacturing data. 


Procter & Gamble Puts Manufacturing Data in the Cloud

P&G uses Proficy Smart Factory software from GE Digital in their CPG manufacturing

One of the first adopters of Proficy Manufacturing Data Cloud (MDC) was Procter & Gamble (P&G), one of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies. P&G is leveraging the Proficy MDC capabilities by moving manufacturing data to the cloud to run analytics.


After an initial pilot phase at three P&G sites, the company expanded use of the platform across many manufacturing sites.


An updated MDC solution combines GE and AWS innovation: Proficy MDC uses Amazon Redshift for both storage of the MDC data models and compute (ELT). Amazon MWAA is used to schedule the workloads that do the bulk of the ELT. Lambda, AWS Glue, and DynamoDB normalize the schema differences between sites. GE’s MDC team along with the AWS ProServe team and AWS Solution Architects collaborated with the GE Digital Security Team and Platform Team to implement the architecture with AWS native services.


With Proficy MDC, P&G gained a detailed, data-supported view into their manufacturing processes, providing insights that drive efficiencies across plants. Plus, Proficy MDC is helping the CPG company meet data compliance regulations and significantly increase the speed of its on-premises MES.

Accelerate time to value and enable enterprise analytics of process data

In this SME educational session, learn how leading companies are leveraging GE Digital and AWS to both accelerate time to value and enable enterprise analytics of process data.


The session covers both acceleration of time to value enabled by the use of Proficy Smart Factory (MES) on AWS and how native integration with AWS IoT Core facilitates enterprise-wide analytics.


Customer examples in both advanced discrete manufacturing (GE Aviation) and F&B/CPG industries highlight the benefits of the combination of GE Digital’s Proficy suite and AWS.

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