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Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

Norlys chooses Smallworld Network Inventory

1.5 Million


14 Years

Norlys is a Smallworld licensed user since 2006






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Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

Denmark’s largest fiber operator, Norlys, introduces GE Digital Smallworld Network Inventory as a joint system for documentation of Norlys’ consolidated fiber network, following the merger between Eniig and Stofa in 2019.


With 709,000 shareholders, approx. 1.5 million customer relationships and 2,500 employees, Norlys is Denmark’s largest energy and telecommunications group. Norlys owns Stofa, Stofa Erhverv, Boxer, Eniig Fiber and the supply company N1.


Stofa has used Smallworld since 2006, and now all of Norlys will use the solution. The agreement between Norlys and Breakoutimage includes system upgrade, functional additions, migration of network data, new integrations to support systems, and licenses for a significant number of new users.


We chose Smallworld because they met our requirements for functionality, quality and expertise.

Maibritt Fyhn Nielsen - Director of Fiber Planning, Norlys

“We have the customer in focus, which is why we want to further strengthen our new common routines, for the benefit of both the development and management of all our entire infrastructure. Here, Smallworld will become an essential tool for us," continued Nielsen.


Norlys focuses on efficient digital solutions and processes, and for Smallworld Nordic this is a very important contract. We look forward to helping Norlys reach its goals by utilising our deliveries

Rolf A Hillestad - CEO, Breakoutimage

“With Norlys, another major fiber supplier has chosen Smallworld, thus strengthening our position as the preferred platform for documentation of fiber networks in Denmark and the Nordic region," continues Hillestad.

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