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Gas Distribution Office

Offering a suite of integrated applications which are fundamental to the geospatial management of a full natural gas delivery network

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Gas Distribution Office provides geospatial assistance for gas distribution

Managing Gas Distribution Assets

GE Digital's Gas Distribution Office to manage gas distribution assets | Smallworld screenshot

Gas Distribution Office is a proven, scalable solution with data quality and integrity enforced to support a fully connected, pressure aware gas network model that is the solid foundation for your gas network modernization, asset modeling and regulatory adherence needs.


Backed by the experience of more than 120 gas utilities worldwide that use Smallworld GIS, Smallworld Gas Distribution Office offers a set of business applications used by gas distribution operators to document, plan, operate and manage their networks, providing Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) with a powerful and comprehensive gas distribution-specifc data model, a set of geospatial business applications and analysis tools that are designed to integrate with existing LDC business processes.

Smallworld Gas Distribution Office displays the relation of all asset components

Addressing gas distribution business challenges

Smallworld Gas Distribution Office enables you to generate significant business value in many areas of the plan, design, build, operate, assess and maintenance lifecycle by addressing specific challenges.


The map window provides a thematic view of the gas distribution assets. Engineers can review the details of the asset and be able to modify asset details if required.  


Additional value provided by the software includes:

  • Reduced risk: COTS product that is proven in large scale production 
  • Single network view:  Provides a “Source of Truth” for the entire gas network, eliminating the need to maintain data in multiple systems
  • Reduced integration costs:  Use of standards and a Service Orientated Architecture reduces integration costs and insulates the system from change.
  • Total cost of ownership: Support for customer requirements is often through simple configuration rather than expensive customization.

Addressing geospatial business challenges

Lifecycle management

Maintain and manage complete and complex spatial asset networks throughout the assets' lifecycle, utilizing the applications integrated into their business processes.

Integrated applications

Experience a single user environment that has 21 business, analysis, data quality, and user productivity tools to support engineering, asset management and operational business processes.

Consistent processes

Enable standardization utilizing an industry data model that supports fundamental gas distribution operations and integrity work processes.

Increased efficiency

Improve productivity for risk and integrity management.

Let GE Digital show you how Gas Distribution Office can help your operations

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