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Global Transmission Office

Essential applications required to help pipeline transmission customers manage their networks and meet regulatory requirements

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Gas Transmission Office helps pipeline transmission customers manage their networks | GE DIgital

Managing pipeline assets and networks

Smallworld Global Transmission Office for pipeline operators | GE Digital

Global Transmission Office (GTO) is a proven, scalable solution with data quality and integrity enforced to support a fully connected, pressure aware pipeline network data model. It is the solid foundation for your pipeline network modernization, asset modeling, operating and regulatory adherence needs.


Our unique approach of having a pre-configured and pre-integrated spatial solution that is sustainable is a key benefit for operators. GTO is a proven scalable solution that supports small to very large operators with large geographic territories.


Smallworld Global Transmission Office’s approach to implementation with a pre-configured and pre-integrated application allows for significant reduction in implementation time compared to traditional customized solutions.

GE Digital's Full Life-Cycle Support for Geospatial Network Data | Gas T&D

Control the deployment of critical infrastructure

The Smallworld Global Transmission Office suite is a marketleading solution backed by the experience of more than 120 gas utilities worldwide that use GE’s Smallworld GIS solution.


Smallworld Global Transmission Office users can have a complete view of assets, linear references and integrity data from a Single Source of Truth, providing faster access to information and reducing training requirements. 


To meet the challenges of regulatory compliance, risk management, and integrity management, pipeline operators need tools that allow them to accurately model their asset network, support traceability of the asset lifecycle, assure completeness of data, and support integrity management. Users need to have confidence in the data and they need to be able optimize all of the key processes within the plan, build, operate and maintain lifecycle.

GE Digital's GTO | Displaying the HCA Analysis results overlaid on the LineLoop and building information

Addressing regulatory compliance and risk management

GE Digital's Smallworld Global Transmission Office addresses:


  • Data maintenance
  • Market analysis
  • Network planning
  • Network design
  • Consequence area determination
  • Construction execution
  • Risk analysis
  • Integrity Management
  • Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)
  • Data enrichment
  • Inspection and maintenance

Addressing business challenges with geospatial software solutions

Lifecycle management

Maintain and manage complete and complex spatial asset networks throughout the assets lifecycle, utilizing the applications integrated into their business processes.

Integrated applications

Experience a single user environment that has 21 business, analysis, data quality, and user productivity tools to support engineering, asset management and operational business processes.

Consistent processes

Enable standardization utilizing an industry data model that supports fundamental gas distribution operations and integrity work processes.

Increased efficiency

Improve productivity for risk and integrity management.

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Geospatial Network Modeling Solutions for Gas Distribution | GE Digital
Industrial Apps

Geospatial Network Modeling Solutions for Gas Distribution and Transmission Utilities

Model, manage and maintain compliancy for your entire gas distribution and transmission network infrastructure  

Software to assist Gas distribution companies with Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)Software to assist Gas distribution companies with Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)
Industrial App

Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP)

Calculate the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) for gas transmission pipelines

Gas Distribution Office provides geospatial assistance for gas distribution
Industrial App

Gas Distribution Office

Offering a suite of integrated applications which are fundamental to the geospatial management of a full natural gas delivery network