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Dispatch Optimization for a Changing Power Generation Industry

Dispatch Optimization for a Changing Power Generation Industry

As the electricity markets continue to evolve, there is a great need for increased flexibility from the owners and operators of traditional power plants. But this is difficult, in part because it’s a matter of physics. Power plants built to operate continuously were optimized around baseload power conditions. They weren’t designed to start and stop as rapidly and as often as market demands require. 

What traders and plant operators have traditionally lacked are comprehensive, timely and accurate data and tools that provide an integrated single source of truth to make sense of it all. Only with a complete picture of the operations, maintenance and actual capability of a power plant, coupled with market and environmental conditions, is it possible to make decisions about dispatch that maximize revenues while reducing fuel and maintenance costs. 

Learn why Operations Performance Management is a tool for optimal dispatch in the Power Generation industry.  

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