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Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

Take the Lead with Data-Driven Decisions in the Utilities Industry

GE Digital software provides data-driven decision making

Advanced utilities need the ability to fully leverage their data.

Timely and convenient access to network data equip utilities with the information necessary to streamline operations, drive down costs, improve decisions and drive better business outcomes. With the growing need to integrate data across different systems—both internal and external—and the expanding enterprise value chain, the need for trusted data management is greater than ever. Adding network connectivity and changes over time to your business intelligence environment will enhance your team’s ability to make complicated decisions within the context of your infrastructure.

Learn more about GeoSpatial Analysis Warehouse and how it can help your organization.  Download the ebook today.

Explore GE Digital's Software for Utilities

GeoSpatial Analysis banner | GE DigitalGeoSpatial Analysis banner | GE Digital
Industrial Apps

GeoSpatial Analysis

Advanced analysis and reporting on your utility and telecommunications network infrastructure

Geospatial network systems by GE Digital help utilities manage city power
Industrial Apps

Smallworld GIS - Geospatial Asset Management

Model, manage and accelerate the value of your connected network

Accelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learningAccelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learning
Digital Energy

Grid Analytics

Achieve network-level optimization with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Let GE Digital help you make data-driven decisions for your operations