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Raising the Bar: Setting the New User Experience Standard for the Grid

Raising the Bar: Setting the New User Experience Standard for the Grid | GE Digital white paper

Electric utilities are looking to move away from the responsive model of old to become more predictive and prescriptive. Today’s energy environment is too complex for the traditional approach to be effective, where operators wait to react to an alarm sounding, a notification pinging, or a customer calling. Within today’s dynamic grid the pressure is on utilities to consume and gain value from an unending volume of data, and to do so both efficiently and proactively. This requires a user experience (UX) that allows utilities to automate as appropriate, enables personnel to optimize operations and simplify their workflows, and that delivers effective data visualization which empowers users to take action.

This white paper emphasizes the importance of UX to the industry and the need to collaborate with customers to define it.  It also shares the findings from GE’s first-hand research into the situation our customers face, before identifying the foundational pillars of the new grid.

Read the white paper.

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