Powerful Relationships

At GE Digital, we bring the Industrial Internet to life by connecting minds and machines. We combine decades of experience building innovative industrial machines with cutting-edge data science and analytics expertise. We recognize that our suppliers are critical partners, and play a vital role in the creation of our world-class solutions. We're happy to provide all of our suppliers with tools and services to make you more efficient, knowledgeable, and above all, help to sustain a close, productive relationship with GE.

Supplier Policies

GE Digital's Terms of Purchase for Africa

Important Information

  • GE Digital’s Standard Payment Terms are 3.5% Discount at 15 Days, Net 120 Days
  • Sign up to get paid faster at: www.tradepayables.com or by calling 1 (800)-782-4082
  • Supplier Onboarding Process will require TAX documents (W8/W9) and Banking Information
  • Invoice/Payment Queries: PayablesInquiry.Digital@ge.com