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Digital Transformation Services

Engage your senior business leaders in changing the world of industrial technology to better define and accelerate your organization’s digital journey.

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GE Digital Industrial Internet advisory and implementation servicesGE Digital Industrial Internet advisory and implementation services
GE Digital engineers working on digital transformation advisory services

Uncover how IIoT can drive your digital roadmap

In this new IIoT world, machine assets are the superstars of your culture – enabling them with intelligence and capturing this data can transform your entire business. If managed correctly, this new capability has the promise of allowing your team to zero in on your most important actions 24 hours a day and rise above the new flood of information that is available to you. Partner with GE Digital's Services to uncover which business outcomes are most critical to you, how to design a solution that justifies your business needs, and how to leverage data throughout the entire process.

GE Digital, Engineers working on design solutions for technical software enablement

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Digital Transformation Services engage senior business leaders in the changing world of industrial technology to define and accelerate their digital agenda. As a trusted client advisor, we provide a focused set of consulting and transformative services.

Digital Transformation Services offerings

Visioning workshop

Interactive two-day workshop to align customer stakeholders to an organizational digital vision

Digital roadmapping

Multi-week engagement to assess customer abilities, model value cases, and create a digital roadmap

Transformation services

Specialized services for change management, employee education, and design thinking


Throughout this co-design process, the oil company and consultants constantly sought feedback from key users and integrated effects of this feedback into iterations of the prototype.

GE’s Design Thinking team worked in close collaboration with the oil company’s team to co-create a system that would unify capabilities.

The GE Digital Data Science team leveraged text mining techniques to identify top 10 failure modes.

Drawing upon Data Science discoveries, the customer was strategically positioned to tactically reduce costs and accurately predict defects.

The Design Thinking team, operating with a potent combination of management consultancy and product design ability, worked with the relevant stakeholders to identify customer pain points.

The Data Science team worked with the customer to minimize usage time by identifying training opportunities and optimize machine usage time by scheduling longer exams to increase efficiency.