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Industrial environments are perennially challenged with issues around asset performance, workforce productivity and the overall safety of the plant. Compounded by the multiple formats to review data; there is also a growing need for users to view real-time and historical asset information in a more efficient fashion. 


3D Visualization facilities greater situational awareness of asset data, reduces worker time spent in hazardous environments and provides faster resolution to critical issues. Furthermore, a 3D model is a key foundation pillar to a truly immersive digital twin experience.


Join GE Digital & Visionaize as they review how inspectors, planners, technicians, corrosion analysts and RBI analysts across asset centric industries, such as O&G, can utilize 3D Visualizations in an Asset Performance Management (APM) environment to optimize their overall mechanical integrity program.


Listen in to learn:

  • Why “Visual Context” matters in the current setup
  • Features & Benefits of “V-Suite Starter”
  • Use Cases in APM – Risk Visualization, RBI Corrosion Loop & Asset Thickness