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Free iFIX HMI/SCADA Software Trial

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With iFIX, manufacturers in Food & Beverage / Consumer Packaged Goods  can improve productivity and process control with industrial-strength SCADA and High Performance HMI.  Like thousands of other F&B/CPG customers around the world, you will love iFIX’s ability to help you:

  • Improve local production operations while meeting global requirements
  • Enforce the right actions by guiding operators
  • Provide consistency in visibility and data across machines, lines and enterprise

We are proud of our GE innovation and encourage you to check out iFIX.

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Free iFIX Details*

  • Standard iFIX software
  • 2-hour time limit, which can be restarted
  • Includes Food & Beverage / CPG sample system / templates
  • For software and hardware requirements, please see iFIX technical documentation

After completing this form, you will receive an email with a single-use link to download iFIX from GE Digital.  Watch for your email!


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Speed operator response and increase efficiency with iFIX

iFIX helps food & beverage manufacturers increase performance | GE Digital

For many Food & Beverage / CPG manufacturing companies, the majority of the workforce is on the plant floor, working at individual pieces of equipment or on production lines. Establishing real-time visibility into equipment and processes with iFIX can empower operators to quickly identify problems and decrease unplanned downtime.


Real Results from iFIX in Food & Beverage / CPG


  • $5M annual quality improvement savings
  • 50% decrease in cycle time
  • 5% increased production
  • 25% defect reduction
  • 25% plant downtime reduction
  • 80% reduced furnace emissions
  • 70% data quality increase
  • 5% reduced raw material waste
  • 150% increase in output capability.

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