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Managing the complexity of today's grid

Colin Parris on Axios
Colin Parris on Axios
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Listen to GE Digital CTO Colin Parris

The grid is one of the most complex machines in the world. In an interview with Axios during a GE-hosted event, Colin Parris, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, GE Digital and Axios Vice President of Communications Yolanda Brignoni discuss the importance of grid modernization to keep this machine running.

Digital in the Future of Energy

Digital in the future of energy | GE Digital

Decarbonization is mission-critical

Digitization will be key to making power-generating assets more efficient, the electric grid more secure and resilient, the aviation industry more sustainable, and helping manufacturers reduce waste.


Understand how digitization can positively impact your utility operations.

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Accelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learningAccelerate grid modernization with the power of grid analytics software, AI and machine learning
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