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See how Oil & Gas companies achieve ROI of 292% with GE Digital APM

See how Oil & Gas companies achieve ROI of 292% with GE Digital APM


Oil and gas operations are large-scale in terms of the volume of assets involved and the global expanse of their operations. The commonality of merger and acquisition activity and the various affiliate partnerships that round out the space further complicate the asset landscape. Oil and gas organizations must surmount these obstacles to harness their collective asset monitoring and maintenance data, and inform processes and strategies that improve asset efficiency and reliability, by:

  • Shifting away from reactive, time-based maintenance to predictive, optimized maintenance cycles
  • Improving maintenance and operational efficiencies
  • Reducing planned and unplanned downtime


GE Digital commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to examine the quantifiable benefits organizations are realizing through Asset Performance Management. The study found that for a composite organization, based on interviewed customers, the ROI was 292% in five years. The study also details the results of business cases where GE Digital has been linked to increased ROI, productivity and reliability.


Join GE Digital’s VP of Product Management, Steve Deskevich and guest speakers from Forrester as they walk through the details of Forrester’s research methodology for TEI and Forrester’s research findings on Thursday, September 22 at 10am ET.


In this webinar, we’ll cover the economic impact customers have experienced using GE Digital for Asset Performance Management, including:

  • 10% reduction in unplanned downtime by Year 5
  • 10-26 weeks on average of asset lifetime extension starting in year 2 through year 5
  • $2.6M cost savings from reduced software total cost of ownership over Five Years

Event Details

DATE AND TIME Sep 22, 2022 Starts at 10:00 AM - Ends at 11:00 AM Times are EST
HOSTED BY Oil & Gas iQ